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Hello! My name is Natalia, I live in Israel with my husband Alexander and son Yehonatan.

I had a dream: to open a candle factory. And not just plain candles, but carved candles. Even as a child, after watching an interview with the girl that organized such a plant, I was on fire with this idea. I just fell in love with carved candles!

Then the idea forgotten when I remembered about it again, it seemed to me simply unrealistic.

In the end, after ten years, I still firmly decided: I must give a chance for my dreams come true! I found the man who taught me how to make carved candles. It turned out that it was not easy, but very interesting! When I cut my first candle in my heart was beating with such frequency as if I ran a marathon. This process seemed magical. However, the reason seemed to be? Until now, I'm looking forward to the moment when I will sit next to cut a candle, which I have put my heart and soul. I am happy to let my dreams come true! The store I put up for sale my best, favorite candle. I would be glad if you'll like them!

A carved candle - is a fairytale that turns into the reality, it is imagination that takes form, it is a dream come true.

A carved candle is our specialty and passion. I would love to share them with you!

The root of the manufacturing technology of carved candles is in the 16th century, the elegant Baroque period. The preparation technique is quite complicated, as well as extremely fascinating.

1. The first step is to dip the cast of hard paraffin into liquid colorful paraffin. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the liquid paraffin during the dipping. In case the paraffin will not be hot enough, it will harden too fast and it will not be possible to carve it. The dipping step takes a lot of skillfulness and quickness, - you need to "grow" about 30-40 layers of colorful paraffin in just 10 minutes, or else the paraffin will cool down and harden.

2. The second step is the actual carving. This is the most creative and fascinating part of the candle preparation – the step of interpretation of the artist's fantasy and imagination into the reality. For the purpose of carving special tools are used. The artist needs to decide upon the design in advance, in order for his motions to be quick and exact, since one has only a quarter an hour before the candle cools down and hardens.

3. The third and the last step is to dip the carved candle into a special acrylic lacquer in order to create shine and to protect the prepared candle from the outer cold and hot damages, as well as from the dust accumulation.

The result is a stunning unique candle, which is a piece of art even when it is not burning. And when it is, it floods the room with soft and colorful light coming from its numerous curves.

I invite you to visit me on Nachlat Binyamin arts and crafts fair on Tel-Aviv! Nachlat Binyamin arts and crafts fair is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.